About - Cassandra Wright Photography


I'm Cass. I'm an Australian, shoe collecting, high heel lover, and I'm living on the Kentish coast in the UK (possibly the warmest part of Blighty!).

I love taking photographs!! If you’re planning your wedding on one of those sunny June, July, August or September days, beware, I’ll probably be the only person who is not melting! As much as I seem like I hate the weather, wind, rain, sleet, snow, anything below 30 Degrees … I do actually love it really. My fav time of day is sunset - there’s no better than watching the sun slip away after a long day - ready for a new dawn!

One of my most favourite things to do is having a good barbie. There’s no better way to unwind than cook a great meal outside in the open, enjoying the outdoors.

If you fancy a chat - I love meeting people - so ya know! Pop me message and we can meet for Tea, or Wine!

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